#17: Become a meaningful rich

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I know people that would say they have it all. The big house, fancy cars, the latest gadgets, and even going on holiday to exotic places. The one thing that I notice time and time again with people who say they have it all is that they are constantly running around from one task to the next. They plan every aspect of their lives even their times of relaxation! This can get extremely tiring and stressful. There is a way to prevent this, by becoming a meaningful rich.

Meaningful Rich in a Small Andalusia Village

In my small village town, meaningful rich present itself in everyday life.  I would like to share about Juan and Antonio. Juan is the workman of the village while Antonio is the mayor. Both make enough money while still having a lot of time. This time is often spent with their families and family relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

In “richer countries”, many people don’t have a lot of free time. In the village, it is more important to have relationships while having a great time than it is to have something materialistic and beautiful. This really inspired me and the business model that I wanted to have.

Often, we forget that a simple life can be much more than having it all because you can have time to truly enjoy life. Spending quality time together for me is the key to a meaningful and rich life.

Meaningful Rich and the Ideal Life

  • If I had all the money in the world, and all the skills of the world, what would my life look like?

My ideal life would not be spent working really hard and making a lot of money so that one day when I retire, I can finally enjoy my life. Instead, I want to enjoy my life now. I want to enjoy quality time with my children, parents, and friends. My purpose is to also help you build a meaningful life!

An ideal life for me is enjoying life now with my children, family, and friends. I want to have the freedom to work where and when I want while building this meaningful life for other leaders. This is my ideal life. So, I launched an online business. I knew I needed a small team of contractors and employees to help on tasks that I do not like that cost me energy. I calculated how much I would need to make this possible.

  • What would your ideal life look like?

Once you know what that looks like to you, what do you need to have this ideal life happen and then how much money would you need to accomplish this? That’s how you start building a meaningful rich life.

The Businessman and the Fisherman

  • Building a meaningful rich life reminds me of the story by Paulo Coelho.  

There is a retired businessman sitting by the beach enjoying a holiday. While relaxing, he saw a local fisherman on his boat after he had caught a couple of fish. The businessman asked the fisherman what he was planning on doing next. The fisherman shares that he was off to sell the few fish at the market, go home and enjoy time with his family before going for drinks with his friends. Tomorrow, the fisherman explained, he would be back again to catch more fish.

The businessman explained that he has a PhD in business and would like to help the fisherman become more successful and earn more money. The businessman continues that if he worked a little longer, he would catch more fish and he would be able to get more money. With his extra money, he could invest in some extra boats and more fishermen resulting in more fish caught and more money for the fisherman. Soon, the fisherman could then work from an office instead. And one day, he can sell the company, become really rich and retire.

The fisherman said: “And what would I do then?”

The businessman answers: “ Then you can go on an island, spend each day catching a few fish, return home to your family, and enjoy time with your friends in the evening”.

The fisherman replied, “Well isn’t that what I’m doing right now?” The fisherman already had this life and that’s what meaningful rich looks like.

Think about the life you would like to have. If you had all the skills in the world and all the money in the world, what would your life look like? Design that ideal life and determine what is needed to achieve it and how much money you would need to make for it to happen. Enjoy building your meaningful rich!

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