#18: Elevate your consciousness level for more success

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Organizational Consciousness

  • Aiming for Profit, Building Basic Relationships, Having Processes in Place

It used to be efficient for organizations to just have financial stability and to aim for profit, having basic relationships, and to have processes in place to have operational excellence. These are the three basic levels of your organizational consciousness that you need to be successful. As the world evolves, there seems to be more and more competitors and even more demands from consumers meaning that an organizations next level of consciousness would want to focus on innovation.

  • Innovation

In these fast-changing digital times, innovation can be a competitive advantage. But you can no longer keep that competitive advantage for years like you could in the past. It is not enough anymore to simply have a competitive advantage or reinvent yourself every couple of years. You need to become very adaptable.

  • Authenticity

In a world where there is so much choice, consumers are looking for authenticity. They’re looking for you to make a difference. To have values and purpose and to stick to those in your organization. Authenticity is also the level of consciousness where you start to empower the people in your organization to make the organization more successful.

  • Building Partnerships, Living the Organization’s Purpose

As you continue to grow the organization, it will become clear that you cannot offer everything that consumers want alone. You will need to start building partnerships. This is also the level where building a community around your organization that follows the mission and values is key.

  • Living the Organization’s Purpose

When you have reached that you can start living the organization’s purpose freely. If you want to be successful as an organization you have to have the full spectrum, meaning that you have to be able to function at each level of consciousness.

Personal Consciousness Levels

Since the consciousness levels of an organization cannot surpass the consciousness level of its CEO, you have to elevate the consciousness level of the CEO! This also goes for the team’s growth; a team will not be able to surpass the consciousness level of its leader. As a leader you have to strive for growth in consciousness.

  • Crisis Manager

Ensure stability by making profits. Having safety measures in place to keep your team healthy. This is the basic functions to becoming a successful leader.

  • Relationship Manager

Making sure people are communicating on your team and with your customers. Having meetings in place to discuss projects and implementations.

  • Performance Manager

The processes being in place for a project is not enough to have success. As a leader, you have to look at what went well and what went wrong. Learn how to improve the organization’s processes and look at metrics such as quality product activity and KPIs.

  • Innovator and the Facilitator

This level of consciousness is where you stimulate learning and create the conditions for innovation. Empower your people and encourage innovation.

  • Authentic Leader

An authentic leader is aligned with his or her values.

  • Employee Fulfillment

You will want to be a coach and a mentor to your people. You are the mentor leader but also the partner leader. The one who forms partnerships will also be the one to build communities.

  • Visionary Leader

The last level of consciousness for a successful leader is having a vision for the organization for the future generations of the company. You will want to focus on the ethics and sustainability of the organization.

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