#14: How can you manage uncertainties

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In times of uncertainty it’s important to learn ways to help you handle things for yourself but also ways to reassure or motivate those around you. These seven steps are what get me through times of uncertainty and hopefully will help you as we embrace the fast-changing climate of our world today.

7 Steps to Get Through Times of Uncertainty

    1- Accept the Uncertainties

We have to accept what we cannot control to start to get through these tough times. We live in a world where controlling and being in control is very important. Learning to accept that you do not have all the answers and that you don’t know what’s going to happen allows you to feel better in the uncertainty.

    2- Increase Your Energy Level

In times of uncertainty stress levels increase and when you are stressed you most likely are reacting in ways that you usually would not. Increase your energy level in times of stress and do more things that give you energy instead of things that will cost you energy. Maintaining a high energy level not only benefits you but also will help facilitate in reassuring the people in your life and team.

    3- Stick to Your Values

When everything is changing and uncertain and you aren’t sure what is next there is one thing that you can hold onto—your values. Remembering your values and remembering your why’s come in handy in times of high stress and change. Why do you do your job? Why are you there as a team? What is important to you? Sticking to those values in every decision you are making will help keep a sense of normalcy as you ride out the storm.

    4- Embody a Stable Disposition

If you are running all over the place, moving in all directions with your tone, facial expression, and disposition you will not be able to help yourself or anyone around you. A stable disposition is when you are grounded. Pay attention to your tone of voice, the facial expressions you are making, breathing patterns, eye contact, and giving a reassuring smile to your team. Think of having a disposition of a king who’s trying to reassure their kingdom.

    5- Listening with Empathy

With uncertainty, people will be stressed and afraid. Listening with empathy can benefit your team as you are showing that you care while also acknowledging what they feel. Giving empathy to your team helps them feel better but also helps your team shift from anger and fear to acceptance and can even allow them to start seeing new possibilities.

   6- Being Transparent

Being transparent with you team will invite trust and reveal that you are not keeping any secrets from them. You may feel the need to protect your team but establishing an honest communication line with your team members will help them understand you are here for them even in times when the future is unknown.

    7- Helping Manage Mood and Energy

If you see that your team is really not feeling good. They look afraid, angry, stressed and are just not functioning well. It’s your job as a leader to help them manage their mood in more beneficial ways. Doing something nice for them or even listening to their concerns will help open that line of trusting communication.

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