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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Ségolène Le Grelle, the Managing Partner and co-owner at Kadolog. Ségolène co-owns this great online business that has achieved success and continues to grow. All while Ségolène work less than four hours a day!

Who is Ségolène Le Grelle?

Ségolène worked at Procter and Gamble for over thirteen years before struggling with the decision to quit. Ségolène shares that her batteries were full of energy at the beginning of her career but at the end of her time at P&G she had no energy and was extremely exhausted. Ségolène felt like she had no time for her kids, husband, or loved ones. Although she loved her job, the work-life balance in her life was not a good one.

So fast forward to today, where Ségolène owns her own business and is spending less than four hours a day on her job. This is because Ségolène and her partners try to automize all processes to free up the maximum amount of time they can spend on other tasks and with loved ones.

What is Kadolog?

Kadolog is an online platform for birth and wedding registry. Anyone can come online and make a registry themselves. Kadolog only has three associates but an army of freelancers. Freelancers have freed up a lot of the time for the partners as they now can focus on improving the company, making new projects, and increasing business because there is no time to manage.

How does Kadolog manage to run and grow with an employee-free company? Ségolène shares that she and her partners make sure to ask themselves how much time it takes to run a project. They pay attention to the return on investment AND on time.

Time vs Reward

The two secrets Ségolène explains are Purpose (having a meaningful life is aprt of the company’s purpose) and Automation (everything that can be automated is automated). This job has taught her how inefficient many companies are and how Ségolène’s company is much more efficient. Automatizing as much as you can allows you to really focus on what’s important for the business and customers.


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