#23: 3 things to stay relevant in digital times

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In these digital times, a lot of jobs are being automated by algorithms and AI. You might wonder how you can still make a difference? As the human side of organizations become scarcer, that’s when the value of human-based organizations will start to increase.

1 | Become More Human

You have to become more human and use this as your competitive advantage when everything is starting to become automated. Being more human helps increase customer experience through providing positive emotions to the client or customer. Listen to what you care about and where your values lie. Listen to your intuition as well because there is so much data from all different sources that you can overload on the data and become over stimulated.

2 | Develop A Growth Mindset

In the past, a fixed mindset is what was useful. It was important to know all the answers and it was important to avoid mistakes. Try to grow your mindset by first acknowledging that you do not know everything. It’s okay if you do not know because this is the first step to growth. Try to have a beginner’s mindset constantly, because that’s when you will grow, learn new skills, and try new things. In these fast times, you will make a lot of mistakes, because it is impossible to foresee everything. Learning from your mistakes and learning to move despite imperfections and pivot when necessary is vital in today’s world. Understanding that the results are not the only thing that is important can allow you to move away from the fixed mindset of failure or success. It’s not always about that, it’s about the process and the growth that can come from it.

3 | Becoming a Lifelong Learner

You will have to become a lifelong learner to keep up with the pace of change today. Change is accelerating at a pace that we have never seen before. When the pace of change is accelerating, it’s important to adapt and adapting means learning new skills. This doesn’t necessarily mean tests or studying. You can be a lifelong learner in other ways such as listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, reading books, taking online courses, and going to conferences. With this increased need of learning, you must find a way for yourself to have fun while learning new things. Really take ownership of your learning.

Biggest Mistake

Some people may hear these three steps to staying relevant and think that they have no time to learn and they are already so busy. This is the biggest mistake that traditional leaders make as they are not giving themselves time to transform themselves. If you do not transform you will keep working hard until you’re not necessary anymore or you have completely exhausted yourself. Instead you should work on transforming yourself constantly and adapting to the new markets.

Room for Being Human

I work with a lot of organizations where people tell me their organization focuses on profit, revenue, and processes but not on their people. When you talk to the organization on an individual level, it becomes clearer that the organization wants you to be more human. If you start to be more human, you will inspire other colleagues to become more human and by becoming more human that’s when your impact will increase!

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