#19: Stop these 5 things to save time at work

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5 Habits You Should Ditch to Save Time

Why is it that in these fast-changing digital times we are so overwhelmed and feel too busy? It’s because we are using habits from slower times and must adapt to the new digital times. So if you are thinking about How to save time at work then keep in mind the following things:

1 | Thinking About What You Need

Mistake — The first mistake that overwhelmed leaders are making is that they think about what they need. Overwhelmed leaders often only think about what they need to do and not on what they ultimately want to achieve. With never-ending emails and a long running to-do list it becomes impossible to deliver everything that may be requested from you.

Do This Instead – Think about what you want to achieve. Once you know what you want to achieve, then you will know what to say yes to and what to say no to. Often, leaders do not know what they want to achieve at work or even in life so truly asking yourself what you want to achieve and the ideal outcome from that is the first step to saving some time.

2 | Delivering What is Requested from Them

Mistake – Overwhelmed leaders second mistake is delivering what is requested from them. This is because from a young age, we have been taught to do everything that is requested of us. It’s deeply ingrained in all of us. For example, at school if you did everything requested you got good grades but if you didn’t you got bad grades. This also probably worked similar in your career. If you delivered everything you got promoted but if you didn’t you did not get the promotion or salary increase you wanted.

Do This Instead – Learn to say no to people, opportunities, and threats. You cannot do it all anymore. You really have to focus to reach success and a happy life will follow.

3 | Working Hard

Mistake – Overwhelmed leaders work extremely hard. Again, this is deeply ingrained in us from a young age that working hard gets results and that we can only pause after work is finished. The problem in today’s world is that work is never finished. There is always another item on your to-do list.

Do This Instead – Learn to slow down and to pause. Pause to think about what you want to achieve and to analyze the things around you. Work on the root causes instead of working on the symptoms. You sometimes will need to transform instead of working hard when solving problems that are coming your way. If you never pause and constantly are working hard you face exhausting yourself.

4 | Try to Control Everything

Mistake – When you say no to opportunities this often will create chaos that you must learn to accept.

Do This Instead – Instead of trying to control everything, you should learn to let go. When you are able to let go, you have the choice to control and you have the choice to let go. If you cannot let go, then you cannot focus. By learning to let go, you will gain control over your results, and the results of the organization.

5 | Trying to Manage Time

Mistake – Trying to deliver everything can make you very good at managing time. By managing your time, you end up losing your energy and you exhaust yourself. When you do not have energy, that’s when you often will stay in your comfort zone.

Do This Instead – Learn to manage your energy not your time. By managing your energy, you will be better equipped to deal with all the changes that you face.

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