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Regenerative leadership - collective shift

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Program overview

For anyone
From C-levels to employees
hybrid learning
Online program with live meetups, workshops, and coachings
Min. 3 months, depending on your needs
Content in English (with subtitles), live sessions in EN, FR or NL
From 10 to unlimited participants
Starting at only
25 000€
The next cohort of "Leading with impact in fast and busy times" starts on
February 2025
You want to start earlier or follow the program on your own pace? Reach out to us for more information.
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Infuse change in your team

Do you find yourself struggling with high absenteeism, employee disengagement, and burnout on your team?

These issues are all too common, but the good news is, you can make a difference.

Our leadership program equips team leaders with the tools and strategies to address these challenges and achieve the results you desire: empowered teams, employee well-being, increased productivity, and impactful results.

The problems you're facing and the outcomes you want are intrinsically linked. Our program will show you how to break the cycle and build a thriving team.

Say "no" to

High turnover rate

And "yes" to

Empowered teams
Employee well-being
Increased productivity
More Impact
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We exceed your expectations

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how we do

QiLeader's unique approach

QiLeader's approach is unique and disruptive. If you're expecting any "you should" advice or a standard roadmap for handling specific situations, this isn't the place for you.

We all have our unique backgrounds and life experiences, and so do your people. However, we still believe in a universal solution. This is the essence of QiLeader's approach. In today's fast-changing world, achieving our goals and making an impact requires the ability to adapt. This agility is directly linked to our self-awareness.

We are also aware that leaders today are busy (...)

for busy leaders
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Online Life Access
24/7 lifetime access to the online program
Audio Version available
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Only 1h / week
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Program content

Which program to choose ?

At QiLeader, we believe that change starts with oneself. Our "Inspire, thrive, adapt: Elevate your team" program is designed for team leaders who have already undergone a personal transformation journey through the "Leading with impact in fast and busy times" program.

Our best match is to combine both programs. Check our special offer for the whole transformation journey.

Regenerative leadership - Foundation

Learn the fundamentals to become a conscious and impactful leader
For any leader (with or without a team)
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Regenerative leadership - Collective shift

Lean how to apply the concepts of the Foundation Program on your team and how to empower them
For any leader with a team and organizations
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QiLeader full experience

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Success Stories

Transforming Organizational Well-being and Performance at a Leading FMCG Multinational
(to be written)
From Overwhelmed & Operational to Focused & Strategic in an International Industrial Company
Within a premier industrial organization, a division encountered significant operational challenges. Work demands substantially exceeded capacity, leading to elevated stress levels among staff.

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